OnViaje will have two types of tickets:

Professional € 90 (will give access to networking and conferences).

Public € 5, with the free distribution of more than 1,000,000 public tickets being planned.



To access the fair the visitor registers the same as in a face-to-face fair and obtains their accreditation; once registered, the fairground is accessed.



The fairground is made up of the exhibitors, rooms and the auditorium in which experts from the sector will give regular lectures. There is also the possibility of reserving rooms for meetings.


Inside the Fair:

The visitor selects what interests them and accesses the interior where they see the stands of the companies in different formats and from there they can see the products offered by the company, see the images, promotional videos, brochures, products and offers, leave and take the card visit ... and if you are interested in any product you have the option of contacting the company directly. There are several options: you can contact by videoconference (the people of the company who are available appear and just by selecting one of them speaks live) to be able to consult all the doubts you have; You can use the chat and also be attended by a person from the company in virtual.


At OnViaje we go further by erasing language barriers; Let us suppose that the visitor is Chinese and cannot speak the language of the business partner. In this case, you have a simultaneous translator, in the chat you write in your mother tongue and your query is translated into any language.



In the same way that a traditional fair, companies give gifts to build customer loyalty (pens, key chains, diaries ...) Virtual visitors can also download ebooks, screensavers, participate in raffles ... An essential requirement to download the Gifts is that visitors leave their business card so that companies can contact them all later.

The stands have a space for your documents so that the visitor to the fair can download the catalogs or brochures of the products in which they are interested.



Each exhibitor can consult at any time the data of the visitors to the fair who have passed through their stand (origin, products they have visited, time they have remained in it ...) therefore it becomes a powerful tool for market research.


Results and Reports:

Your company may not attend on-site fairs in any region, but if after verifying that your products are of great interest to a region in your virtual stand, after analyzing the results and reports of the Virtual Travel Fair, you can suppose the best information to take the decision to attend fairs in this region with previous appointments established with the people who have left their data in their virtual stand and with the certainty that their participation in the fair will be a complete success.


Visitor Tools:

The visitor has at all times a series of tools to help them find what they are looking for in more detail: by company name, with Google search engines of destination and by activity concept.

The visitor has a fair bag where he keeps the downloaded catalogs and brochures; later it will download them, consult them, etc.

Those registered as professionals who wish, can participate in networking in the same way that in a traditional fair, those attending them can communicate with each other. This tool will allow visitors to contact others by exchanging opinions and business cards. There is also a space where you can consult the program of the fair, the next conferences, activities ... that will take place within the Virtual Travel Fair.


Marketing tool

Thus OnViaje, the Virtual Travel Fair is the ideal marketing tool for companies in the tourism sector that want to position themselves in national and international markets.